Questions? Call us: +2349090009782
Questions? Call us: +2349090009782
Can I receive free food stuffs after my registration?

Yes, every new member of this organization is entitled to free food stuffs such as rice, vegetable oil, tomato paste, corn flakes, beverages etc. in our locations closest to you, every last Saturday of every month, globally.

Do you really empower the less-privileged?

Yes, we do. As the name implies, empowerment of the less-privileged and the needy is one of the major services of the organization.. We do this through our members reaching the unreached in their localities.

How do i become a member?

You become a member by the virtue of your one-off donation to the organization.

How much donation can one make to become a member?

A one-off donation of $50 qualifies you to be a member of the NGO.

Do you accept online payment processors?

We accept online gateway payment system (Master Card). On request we may also make payment to you using any of the other payment methods. Please, contact

What are the benefits of being a member?

When you become a member of ELI, you will have the opportunity of recommending people to the NGO and have access to the following benefits:

  • Free Trade and Skill Acquisition
  • House of Your Own
  • Free medical Check-up
  • Travel Opportunity
  • Free food items
  • FREE LAPTOP, IPAD, Projector or AC
  • A Brand new Car and SUV
  • Educational Fund
  • Real Estate/Assets and Property Support Opportunity
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Source of Help for Less Privileged
  • Interest Free Loan Without Collateral

At what stage is a member qualified to travel abroad and is it real?

Yes its real, we want all our members to go on vacation and tour round the world. Research has shown that travelling is a means of acquiring more knowledge and exposure. Empowering Lives International rewards their members who complete Level 1 of Stage 4 & Stage 5 matrix with an all expense paid trip abroad.

How long does it take before one could travel?

Your travelling will be determined on your completion of level 1 of Stage 4 & Stage 5 and “you can achieve that in less than 2 months if only you are focused. Focus is the key to success. On completion of the above listed stages, you will automatically receive a one week all expense paid trip to Dubai (Stage 4), USA or South Africa (Stage 5).

How long will it take to get the SUV once qualified?

We satisfy our members as desired that is why we are in Partnership deal with HYUNDAI etc, for comfort and accessibility you will have your car delivered to you within 3 months after your qualification (Our official Car Award comes up quarterly – every 3months).

Is Ambassador Stage attainable in 2 months?

Definitely, if only you are focused and can get or introduce 2 persons, who can also do same. With this format, the Ambassador stage is achievable in less than 2 months. In the process of attaining your Ambassador Stage, do not forget that you will earn more money.

Where is your regional office?

African Head quarter : 24, Adisa cover street, Obawole Iju Lagos.

Suite D-78, Efab Mall Annex, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Where is the head quarter ?

114, Draper’s field, canal basin, Conventry CV2 4RD, United Kingdom.

If I have an office, how can I apply to use my office as a regional office?

Please send a mail to to contact us and the requirements will be sent to you. PRESIDENT STAGE is a prerequisite for application, and such office must be spacious for trainings.

What are the benefits of running a regional office?

Before approval our representative will visit and access your office to ensure the office meets our standard. We also support your office with other costs.

How members do i need directly under me?

Two members are just all you need to be directly under you.

What if i have more than two?

If you do, it will be of great advantage to you in speed and earnings. Your matrix will fill faster with massive spill over and spill under and you will also earn more.

Can i have multiple accounts?

Definitely Yes, you can have 6, 14 or 30 accounts directly to your name, before you do that you must be sure you can refer 2 each under the subsequent accounts, else you will find it difficult to grow, But if you do and manage your accounts to have 2 each, then you will enjoy multiple referral bonuses and matching bonuses, above all, it will cause massive spill-over and spill-under in your matrix, making it fill faster.

Can I attain Ambassador’s stage in two months?

As soon as you join ELI, you will automatically become a GOVERNOR. You will be place on top of a 2 x 2 matrix where you'll be required to introduce 2 members, when these 2 introduced their 2 each making it 6 people in your matrix, you will be paid and your position is changed to MINISTER status, likewise the 6 people in your matrix. The Minister and Prime Minister are 2 x 5 and 2 x 4 matrices respectively, likewise President which is 2 x 4 matrix, when your stage 4 matrix is completely filled, you will be promoted to Ambassador stage which is a 2 x 2 matrix, here you need just when this is completely filled you'll be paid the stage bonus plus all other incentives and benefits due to AMBASSADOR. As you complete the Ambassador matrix, you will automatically be re-entered back into the Ambassador Stage again where you will be on top of the 2 x 2 matrix with all incentives paid on completion.

Can I become a director?

Yes, becoming a director or Share Holder is the dream of our members. Such position is a peak of our compensation plan and it's for focused members. The prestigious position as a board of director is the most coveted position in our organization. You can attain this position in less than 3months.